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Pregnancy testing schedule

Information about abortion

There is a large amount of helpful information about abortion on the Baptists for Life website

Fetal development stages

Day 1 – When fertilization occurs, the baby’s features, including sex, hair and eye color, have already been determined.

7 weeks fertilization 9 Weeks LMP: 7 weeks fertilization – At this age, the baby’s heart has been beating for one month and fingers and toes are developed.

8 weeks fertilization 10 Weeks LMP: 8 weeks fertilization – At 10 weeks, the baby hiccups and reacts to loud noises.

14 weeks fertilization 16 Weeks LMP: 14 weeks fertilization – At 16 weeks, the baby’s gender can be determined by ultrasound.

20 weeks fertilization 22 Weeks LMP: 20 weeks fertilization – At this age, the baby’s eyelashes can be seen and the lungs are developing.