Specific things for which to pray…and to praise!

1) Our church deacon, Robert, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

UPDATE: He will be receiving radiation for the cancer beginning early in April.

UPDATE: Robert has radiation treatments five days a week for 4 weeks. He has had a couple treatments to date. (posted 4/7/19)

UPDATE: Robert is half-way through his radiation treatments. The doctor is encouraged with regard to his response. (posted 4/20/19)

UPDATE: Robert has completed all of his radiation treatments. He is reportedly cancer free! Thank you for praying! (posted 5/4/19)

2) Pastor Mike is teaching a class to help individuals who are struggling with addictions (either currently or in the past). It begins on 3/7/19 and runs for twelve weeks. It presents the Biblical view of addiction. Seven people are attending.

UPDATE: We gained an eighth individual this past Thursday (3/21/19) who is struggling with a long-term addiction to alcohol. Continue to pray for the whole group.

UPDATE: We are about half-way through the program. Pray for the participants, as they are taking a serious look at what the Bible says about their specific situations. (posted 4/20/19)

3) Our cook, Debbie, fell on ice and broke her leg. She cannot bear weight on it for ten weeks.

UPDATE: Debbie is over half-way through her ten weeks. PTL an individual from a supporting church stepped up to fill the gap in the kitchen in Debbie’s absence.

UPDATE: Debbie is now able to bear weight on her leg, so she is healing. PTL!

UPDATE: Debbie was in for a visit today. In another four weeks she will receive the “all clear” to come back to “work”!!! (posted 4/10/19)

UPDATE: Debbie is back part time and doing very well. Thanks for praying! (posted 5/4/19)

UPDATE: Debbie is back up to full speed. Thanks! (posted 5/11/19)

4) Pray for Ced (short for Cedric), a man who was frequenting the center for several months and helping with maintenance tasks. About four weeks ago, he disappeared and we have not seen him since. No one that had contact with him prior has seen him since then either. We are not aware of where he is. We don’t even know his last name. Pray that he shows up. He is a Muslim and in need of Christ.

UPDATE: We still have not seen Ced. All of the other places that he frequented have not seen him in the same length of time. Pray for him.

UPDATE: Still no news from Ced. No one has seen him in the extended neighborhood. (posted 4/20/19)

UPDATE: Still no word on Ced’s whereabouts. No one has seen him. (posted 5/4/19)

UPDATE: Someone at another church saw Ced. He was quickly gone, though, so we have no idea why he disappeared. Pray that he will return so that we can continue to share the gospel with him. (posted 5/11/19)

5) PTL, Pastor Mike’s DBS programming is complete! He is medication-free (just the DBS) and is doing very well in terms of both symptom and side-effect relief. If you’d like to read more about what Pastor Mike had done for his PD, go to the “Missionary Prayer Letters” tab and download the Vanek’s last two prayer letters (10/2018 and 2/2019). God is good!

UPDATE: Pastor Mike continues to do well with the DBS. He will have the peg-J tube from his pump removed on 4/17. Pray that the procedure will go smoothly. (posted 4/7/19)

UPDATE: On 4/17, Pastor Mike has his peg-J tube successfully removed. He is still off of all medications (just receiving the DBS). Praise the Lord! (posted 4/19/19)

6) We had five new children that came to Bible Seekers Club last Saturday (3/16/19). Pray that they keep coming each week.

UPDATE: Three of the new children returned to Bible Seekers on 3/23/19!

UPDATE: We have had several new children attend this year. Bible Seekers club ends today for the summer. Pray that we can (through VBSs and the Fun Day) keep connection with the kids over the summer months. (posted 5/4/19)

7) We had eight men in Bible study this morning (3/23/19)! Two of those were visitors… one from the City Mission’s shelter. Pray that they keep coming.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the visitors from last week did not show. However, we had 11 men show up for men’s Bible study this morning (3/30/19)! Pray that they keep coming. Interestingly, this week I did not realize that I had made two sets of handouts for the study. As it turned out, we needed those handouts based on attendance! God knew!

8) Please pray for the need of two additional Christian doctors for Saturday morning clinics. We will be losing a doctor temporarily and could use one additional doctor anyway. (posted 4/6/19)

9) Pray for Felix. He is homeless and came in during our church service today hungry. We served him a meal and I (Pastor Mike) talked with him during the Sunday school hour. He is a devout Jew and does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He had many questions about the Bible, so we talked quite a bit. He was certain that he was not “looking to be converted” (he said many pastors have tried); so, at the end, I just let him know my door was open if he wanted to talk further. Pray that the seeds that were planted today would take root and that his heart would soften toward the gospel message. (posted 4/7/19)

UPDATE: I have seen nothing of Felix since the initial time he came to the Center. Pray for him. (posted 5/11/19)

10) Pray for Shawn, a man who has been coming to the Wednesday meal. We have built a connection with him. Just this week, he went into a treatment program for his cocaine addiction. When he is done with the program, he plans to sign up for the Addiction class (Life Transformation Group) and the Jobs for Life program at Faith. He seems to be serious about seeking change in his life. Pray that he will honor his commitment to the program and beyond. (posted 4/20/19)

11) Pray for Richard…he has been around the center and clinic ministries for several years. He has promised to come to church, Bible studies, and the addiction classes on multiple occasions in the past, but never showed. Today, however, he showed up for men’s Bible study. He stayed for its entirety and was involved. He seems to be at a low point in his life. Pray that through whatever is going on in his life, he will see his need to get right with the Lord. (posted 5/11/19)

UPDATE: Richard has come to men’s Bible study for the past two Saturdays. He came for church last Sunday. I have had some opportunity to talk with him. He is struggling with some relationship issues and is appearing to hit a low point. He is verbally committed to coming to Bible study ongoing. Pray for him! (posted 5/18/19)