Specific things for which to pray…and to praise!

1) Our church deacon, Robert, was just recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

UPDATE: He will be receiving radiation for the cancer beginning the end of March.

2) Pastor Mike is teaching a class to help individuals who are struggling with addictions (either currently or in the past). It runs for twelve weeks and presents the Biblical view of addiction. Seven people are attending.

UPDATE: We gained an eighth individual this past Thursday (3/21/19) who is struggling with a long-term addiction to alcohol. Continue to pray for the whole group.

3) Our cook, Debbie, fell on ice and broke her leg. She cannot bear weight on it for ten weeks.

UPDATE: Debbie is over half-way through her ten weeks. PTL an individual from a supporting church stepped up to fill the gap in the kitchen in Debbie’s absence.

4) Pray for Ced (short for Cedric), a man who was frequenting the center for several months and helping with maintenance tasks. About four weeks ago, he disappeared and we have not seen him since. No one that had contact with him prior has seen him since then either. We are not aware of where he is. We don’t even know his last name. Pray that he shows up. He is a Muslim and in need of Christ.

5) PTL, Pastor Mike’s DBS programming is complete! He is medication-free (just the DBS) and is doing very well in terms of both symptom and side-effect relief. If you’d like to read more about what Pastor Mike had done for his PD, go to the “Missionary Prayer Letters” tab and download the Vanek’s last two prayer letters (10/2018 and 2/2019). God is good!

6) We had five new children that came to Bible Seekers Club last Saturday (3/16/19). Pray that they keep coming each week.

UPDATE: Three of the new children returned to Bible Seekers on 3/23/19!

7) We had eight men in Bible study this morning (3/23/19)! Two of those were visitors… one from the City Mission’s shelter. Pray that they keep coming.