Specific things for which to pray…and to praise!

1) Pastor Mike is teaching a class to help individuals who are struggling with addictions (either currently or in the past). It begins on 3/7/19 and runs for twelve weeks. It presents the Biblical view of addiction. Seven people are attending.

UPDATE: We gained an eighth individual this past Thursday (3/21/19) who is struggling with a long-term addiction to alcohol. Continue to pray for the whole group.

UPDATE: We are about half-way through the program. Pray for the participants, as they are taking a serious look at what the Bible says about their specific situations. (posted 4/20/19)

UPDATE: Five individuals graduated from the class and received completion certificates last Wednesday, during our community service and meal! Pray for their faithfulness. (posted 6/19/19)

2) Pray for Shawn, a man who has been coming to the Wednesday meal. We have built a connection with him. Just this week, he went into a treatment program for his cocaine addiction. When he is done with the program, he plans to sign up for the Addiction class (Life Transformation Group) and the Jobs for Life program at Faith. He seems to be serious about seeking change in his life. Pray that he will honor his commitment to the program and beyond. (posted 4/20/19)

UPDATE: Shawn contacted me last week to let me know he is still in the program and is being compliant with the process. He is committed to coming to church when he has gained the ability to freely come and go from the program he is in. (posted 6/19/19)

UPDATE: Shawn is still in the program and close to earning the ability to come and go from the program. He called to inform us of that. He is excited about becoming more involved in the programs and ministries at Faith! Keep praying for him! (posted 7/19/19)

3) Praise the Lord for Kaiyne (pronounced Cain), who was saved at our July 13th Fun Day event. Pray that he continues to come to the church and that he grows in Christ. (posted 7/19/19)