There are many ways to make donations to Faith Baptist Community Center!

Financial Donations

Because all of our ministries operate off of individual and church support, we are always seeking financial partners. You can give a one-time or ongoing donation. To donate, please send your tax deductible gift to:

Baptist Mid-Missions
P.O. Box 308011
Cleveland, OH 44130

Please be sure to memo your gift for Faith Baptist Community Church & Center.

Or, you can visit the Baptist Mid-Missions website to print out a donation form or to give online (either way, make sure to specifically designate the gift for Faith Baptist Community Church & Center).

“He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will He pay him again.” – Proverbs 19:17

Other Donations

In addition, we are always in need of the following items: (click on each category below for a current list)

If you or your group would like to hold a donation drive for any of these items, please contact Michael Vanek at (216) 881-8816 or click on any of the above links for a list of items needed in each category.

Canned/Boxed Food and Paper Product List:

Canned Goods:

Pull-off lids that do not require a can opener are especially helpful

Boxed Items:

Shelf-stable meals of any kind (those that do not require refrigeration)

Other Items: Paper Products:

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. It merely contains some of the items most frequently used. The above listed food items (usually smaller sizes) will be used for pantry bags.

Larger canned items (10# cans) and bulk items will be used for hot meals served at the Center (items such as vegetables and fruits are the most usable).

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General Guidelines For Clothing Donations:

(men’s, women’s, and children’s)

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Personal Hygiene Products:

(men and women’s)

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Medication and Medical Supply List:

Over-the-Counter Medications:

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Care Closet Supply List:

(All care closet items MUST be brand new)

Baby Clothes: Linens: Toiletries: Feeding Helps: Mother’s Items: Miscellaneous Items:

Please note: No blankets or baby powder at this time. Thanks!

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(with estimated cost)

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