Hope and Change in Lives through Jesus Christ…

This page is devoted to hope, transformation, and change in lives that could only be attributed to the work of Jesus Christ in those lives. Hopefully, this will be a place of encouragement and blessing and praise to our great God!

“I Can’t Care for this Baby”— India’s Story

Even though India and her husband had already brought three children into the world together, when she found herself fairly certain she was pregnant again, she really “didn’t want to be.” India had no desire to have and care for a fourth child. She finally took a pregnancy test and had an ultrasound performed on a mobile pregnancy unit (when it was in her neighborhood), after which she quickly learned that she was, indeed, pregnant and almost nine weeks into her pregnancy already.

India had very mixed emotions about the pregnancy and kept it from her husband (and everyone else) for a while. While she battled in both her mind and heart with the idea of a fourth child, she actually contacted an abortion clinic to explore how long she could possibly wait and when would be the “best time” to abort the child. When she finally shared the news with her husband, his reaction was no different than India’s. He also seriously questioned their ability and desire to take on another child.

As time passed, however, and as India continued caring for her other three children, she came to the conclusion that she just “could not do this to her baby”…she simply could not abort the tiny life inside of her. India began coming to Faith Wellness and Pregnancy Center around week 15 of her pregnancy, where she began to study the Bible with various pregnancy advisors. She also began reading her Bible more faithfully. She felt she couldn’t care for another baby and yet she had no peace about aborting that baby…a very real dilemma faced by many young women every day. Some choose life. Some choose death. India chose the right option. We know God was pleased with her choice. So is India!

India was right about one thing in particular…she couldn’t care for this baby…ALONE. Yet with her husband by her side, Jesus in her heart, and her faith in a God who would make a way, she chose life, and gave birth to Terry, a beautiful baby girl. She doesn’t regret her decision for a moment and now is learning how she can train all FOUR of her children to love God. Her love for God is evident. Terry’s young life is already a testament to that love!