Faith Baptist Community Church & Center Projects

Would you like to help FBCC&C in a very tangible way? Below are some building projects that we are seeking to fund (with an estimated cost for each)...

1) Replacement of carpet in our main room and four hallways ($15,000.00) THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET!

2) Replacement of security system ($4,000.00) THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET!

3) Replacement of three exterior steel doors ($3,500.00)—we received the funds for a fourth door that also needs to be replaced THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET!

4) Replacement of building signs ($2,500.00)

5) Repair of asphalt parking lot including sealing and striping ($2,500.00)

6) Installation of a concrete basketball pad on the north property with equipment for youth activities and outreaches ($12,000.00 if the lot does not have to be excavated)

7) A laptop computer for our Bible Seekers Club—specifically that has Microsoft Office installed on it ($500.00 or a donated, used one would be fine). THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET!

If you’d like to help with a partial or full project, please let us know! Thanks!