Ministry Newsletter

Published on 03/10/19

Recently, the FBCC&C newsletter was re-vamped. It has been sent out to all of the OARBC churches (as well as any non-OARBC and/or out-of-Ohio supporting churches of the various missionary staff…Mike & Sherri Vanek, Jackie Hopkins, and John & Laura Niemeyer).

We have asked the churches to either post the newsletter in a visible location and/or to make copies available for distribution to interested individuals. Or you can read it here on our website by clicking on the following link: Center Newsletter. For past editions of the newsletter, see the Prayer Letters/Newsletters tab on the homepage.

We will send the newsletter out four times per year. It is our hope that it will keep the church and Center ministries in front of many other churches. If you’d like to give (a one-time gift or ongoing), volunteer (individually or as a group), or pray for the ministries, we would certainly appreciate it! We also have projects for which we are seeking funding. You can find those listed on the “Building Projects that need Funding” page.

Have any questions? Contact Mike Vanek, Ministry Director at or at (216) 881-8816.